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Pure Bolivian Cocaine

Introducing Bolivian Cocaine, the world’s most powerful and pure cocaine. Bolivian Cocaine is sourced from the highest quality coca plants in the world, giving it an unparalleled level of strength and purity. With Bolivian Cocaine, you can experience an intense and long-lasting high that is sure to take your experience to the next level. In October 2013, Mary Anastasia O’Grady wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Bolivia under President Evo Morales is turning into a rogue-state, awash with drug money. The Bolivian press has argued that cocaine production sites are growing “like mushrooms”[iii] and that coca farmers are a class of “nouveau riche” peasants who spend their ill-gotten drug money on luxury cars, parties, and lavish houses. And it’s not just the press – ex-President Jorge Quiroga recently accused the Chapare coca growers’ federations, and by extension the Morales government, of protecting illicit cocaine production. Bolivia, the world’s third largest producer of coca leaf after Peru and Colombia, is caught at the lowest rungs of the international drug trade, producing significant quantities of low-value cocaine paste – the first step towards refining pure cocaine. While cocaine paste production takes place throughout the country, the Chapare – one of Bolivia’s two main coca-growing regions – is often presented in the mainstream media as the primary hub for drug production and trafficking. Three key arguments about of how drug production and trafficking function easily dispel this widespread misinformation. First, the majority of Chapare coca farmers are not directly involved in drug trafficking. Second, profits from most low-level drug trafficking are limited. And finally, the Chapare coca unions are not complicit with illegal activity; rather, they have proven to be active partners in the fight against drug production and trafficking.