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TK Lato

  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • THC 20%
  • CBD: 1%
TK LATO #13, TK LATO was created by the team at Jungle Boys in Los Angeles. Breeders crossed a Gelato female with Triangle Kush, hence the initials TK. Coupled with the phrase “Lato,” short for Gelato, buy Tk Lato strain. Little is known about the strain’s growth characteristics. Its parents thrive in warmer climates, typically flowering in 8-to-10 weeks. Its buds are loose and fluffy, light green in color with orange pistils. Consumers report the strain combines the sweet flavor of Gelato with the sour, fuel-reminiscent taste of Triangle Kush. Archive seed Bank brought together a number of big strains to create Dough Lato, crossing Dolato (Gelato 41 x Do-Si-Dos) and Moonbow (Zkittles x Do-si-dos), Buy jungle boys Tk Lato online. Gassy, doughy flavors and aromas can be expected from this flavorful cross, and its potent and long-lasting high might leave you in a classically stoned state