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Purple Chemo

Purple Chemo strain is 100% pure Indica, which creates a long-lasting relaxing impact on the body. The cross between two pure Indica strains is the reason for such a strong impact. These strains include Chemo and Purple Kush. Both of these strains are known for the strongest and the full-body sedating properties. These properties have been transferred to the Purple Chemo. The size of the bud is medium with a sticky and dense texture. Earthy, woody and sweet scents are the prominent scents that make this Purple Chemo strain unique accompanied by herbal and spicy smell upon exhale. Grapes, lemon, and berry taste add to the overall flavor of this strain. Purple Chemo strain brings in both the physical and mental high for the consumers. The best part is that the physical and mental high associated with it is quite balanced. With a THC content of 22%, this strain is not recommended for the newbies. The initial feeling of mental high would make you feel happy and euphoric. The stress-related thoughts would be gone deep down, leaving you with an overall uplifted mood. This is why it can be used for the treatment of stress, anxiety, and even depression. Once this high feeling sets in, you should expect the physical impact of the purple chemo strain to be prominent. The numbing buzz would cover your muscles, making them relaxed and easy. It is recommended to use this strain in the evening to get the most out of it. The sedative impact of the strain makes it an efficient choice for insomnia patients. The body-numbing buzz in the body can help in getting into a peaceful sleep. Also, sedation and mental euphoria can help in dealing with chronic pain. Some of the users have also reported an increase in appetite after consuming chemo strain. This is because of the high THC content, which stimulates the appetite. Thus medically, it can be an effective solution for treating patients with anorexia. Dry eyes and dry mouth are the negative impacts that can be faced because of consuming Purple Chemo in high dosage. You can buy it from Save on Greens to ensure the high quality and the right amount of THC Content in your strain. Also, you’ll get an amazing price from our online dispensary. Order it now!