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Acetic Acid

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Concentrated Acetic Acid is a useful chemical for industries from food manufacturing to health care. Known as a weaker organic chemical, acetic acid properties are well suited for countless applications. We are a leading Ethanoic acid supplier with pure acetic acid, food-grade, and more. We stand apart from the competition in this industry because we are one of the top suppliers which give you smart, economical options for whatever your industrial purpose. Read on to learn more about Ethanoic acid uses and why Chemical heaven should be your first stop.

Acetic acid which is also known as methane carboxylic acid and ethanoic acid is basically a clear, colorless liquid, which has a strong and pungent smell. Since it has a carbon atom in its chemical formula, it is an organic compound and it comes with a chemical formula CH3COOH. Interestingly, the word ‘acetic’ is derived from a Latin word called ‘acetum’ meaning ‘vinegar’. Vinegar is the dilute form of acetic acid and is the most common chemical substance among people. This chemical is a main component of vinegar and also gives vinegar its characteristic smell.

Moving on, when acetic acid or ethanoic acid is undiluted it is termed glacial acetic acid. It is a weak acid but when it is in concentrated form, this acid is corrosive and can cause some damage to the skin.